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The process is too complicated


In the famous ‘Chicago Pothole Study’ (From High School to the Future: Potholes on the Road to College), 41% of Chicago public school students who said they want to go to college actually complete the necessary application steps to finish the process.

So even students who want to go can't get there.




You know/teach the process.


Our mentor workbook and online guide for students, matched with the expertise of picking the right colleges in a personalized way (real people read the surveys!) makes sure that everything is simple.  You are the person who makes it all happen.



Even if they are in they don't go.


In Summer Melt, Benjamin Castleman and Lindsay Page demonstrate that up to 40% of students who are accepted to college in the spring actually attend in the fall.

So getting in isn't even the beginning -- students need mentorship!

Overworked in the schools.


A 2016 survey by the Guidance and Counseling Knowledge Group shows that only 25% of families believe that their in-school guidance departments know their family well, and only 38% believe that the guidance they are receiving is correct.

The school professionals simply do not have the time to mentor students as they make this transition.

You are a MENTOR.


You can, beyond your commitment of five 45-minute meetings, continue to help a student build their confidence and get ready for college in your own way.  You are their for your students.

Summers and Beyond.


You continue to be in touch with your students during summers, after they graduate, as much as you feel your students need -- you are not restricted by having to proctor exams or fill out needless paperwork.  Your presence is what counts.

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