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When people want to help...
You get them out there to do their thing.




You fill out the form above.  Then we know who you are, where you are, and what students you can help.


You stay in touch.


You are your students' mentors.  They will have challenges in college and life.  With the CBCM certification and the help you have already given them, they will know to turn to you.



Get certified


You go through the online training.  When you pass all of the quizzes, you are sent the mentor workbook and ready to get your first student.  After that, boom, you are certified as a CBCM, having unlocked the dreams of at least one student.

Graduation gift

You give your students a free laptop at the end of the training.  A wonderful moment.


Learn for life.


Attend CBCM conferences.  Make friends, learn about colleges firsthand and enjoy the benefits of being a CBCM.


Real people.


Real human beings who have worked with tens of thousands of students and in admissions offices troubleshoot for you.